by Rick Heinz - (posted on 07/19/22)
Due Date is Aug 5th
Please send Rick Heinz a 100 word club profile and a club picture for the Ski & Ride Club Guide by Aug 5th. The profile should refrain from mentioning meeting or trip information as those will appear elsewhere in the magazine. Also, please update your club's information and trip schedule on the CMSC website. Regarding trips, only destination and dates need to be entered for inclusion in the magazine.

Rick will pull the information off the CMSC website after Aug 5th, so any changes made thereafter will not be reflected in the magazine unless you directly inform Rick Heinz of the changes. He may still be able to make changes manually to the magazine, and there is a greater chance these can be implemented if notified of an impending late addition/change in advance. Contact your RVP if you need assistance with any website issues.

The Ski & Ride Club Guide is what CMSC uses to advertise our clubs at the ski shows. The magazines will be distributed at at local sports stores and libraries. Don't miss this opportunity to advertise your club.

Rick will send a reply within 72 hours as confirmation of your club's profile/photo entry.