Thunderbird Ski Club

Thunderbird Ski Club ...73 years of friendships and good times! The Thunderbird Ski Club is a year round club which offers its members many diverse activities and trips. The club came into existence in 1949 with 12 members who got together to share the enjoyment of skiing at a reasonable price. Over the years the club membership grew and the focus of the club changed to reflect the interests of its members. We are now a year round club, offering many diverse activities to our members. Winter 2023 will be a busy one for T'birds and their friends with 5 week long Western Trips. The Race Team is always happy to have new members and they have a great time up north during the ski season. Our Instructors are also available for lessons when requested. It will be a busy winter for the Thunderbirds. Why not check out our website for more trip and social information?

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