Tatry Ski Club

Over 35 years of Tatry Ski Club history proves that you should combine alpine skiing during the winter with many different activities during the hot summer. One of the smallest ski clubs, Tatry is defiantly one of the best. Tatry is the winner of 6 of the last 7 years of CMSC club competitions. Tatry offers Family memberships and allows kids on club trips.

Tatry organizes two alpine ski events for Polish and friends of Polish families. During summer we have a tennis tournament, track & field competition, picnic and Ski Disco. Our new biking team is very active and practice at least once a week from early spring to late fall. We have not forgotten about our kids and grandkids: the first Sunday of December we are meeting with Santa Clause!

Please visit our website for full yearly program and past events info. Our website is in the polish language, which is also our club basic language, but some of us speak little English, too.

eMail: info@tatryskiclub.com
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